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organic Mappillai Samba Flakes 500gm

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Mapillai Samba flakes are got from mapillai samba rice. This rice is red in color. It is also known as bridegroom’s rice where mapillai means bridegroom in Tamil. This rice is a native crop of Tamil Nadu. In ancient times, the bridegroom had to exhibit his physical strength and he was asked to lift a huge rock which was called ‘illavata kal.’ So to become physically strong and focused, they used to cook this rice. This rice is getting back its popularity once again. This variety of crops are well suited for organic farming because they need very less or in some cases no fertilizers or pesticides. Agriculture ecosystem is safeguarded as the straw yielded by this crop becomes fodder for cattle. The duration of this mapillai samba rice is 160 days. You can prepare idli, dosa, pongal, kanji and other rice dishes.

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